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Get Your Own Television Station Right On Your Web Site!!

With our Video On Demand (VOD) streaming service you can publish Flash video files for users to watch on demand directly from your website.

Flash video streaming is the most efficient and compatible way to publish videos on the internet. The Flash video format is the same format used for YouTube videos.

Most video files can be easily converted to Flash (FLV) format using converter software including WMV, AVI, MPEG, RM, and many other formats.

The only requirement to view Flash videos is having the Flash player installed in the users web browser, which almost all browsers have, and can be automatically installed if not. Users are not required to have a media player like Windows Media Player or QuickTime installed on their computer.

For more information on how to setup videos for VOD streaming read the VOD Setup page.

We have several packages to choose from depending on the size of the video files you will upload and how many users will be viewing your videos. On average a standard 1 hour video file will be 200-300 MB in size.

Plans and Pricing

PlansSetup FeeCost Per MonthDisk SpaceTransfer / Month**
Basic Bronze Plan$50$9.951 GB10 GB
Basic Silver Plan$50$19.955 GB25 GB
Standard Gold Plan$50$39.9510 GB50 GB
Advanced Platinum Plan$50$99.95100 GB200 GB

- Minimum contract for all plans is 1 month
** Overage charge for data transfer is $1.00 per GB of data transfer over the plan amount.

Streaming Services Request Form

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